Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Being Green... but not in the good ecological way

Oh yes the morning… or in my case all day sickness has arrived! It is horrid to say the least! Nothing and I mean NOTHING stays down not even water…especially not water!

Luckily I read about women taking unisom to help with the nausea. I looked it up and it shows it is safer than the prescriptions doctors give so I gave it a try. It worked wonders for the first few days….but now back to worshiping the porcelain God every morning and in the evenings I am still hit with nausea so bad I barely eat and just lay around praying that I feel better soon.

I am so thankful for this pregnancy and that the baby must be strong and healthy with how sick it is making me but man this stage can end any day now! So happy that my doctor I have yet to see called me in something so will go pick that up after work today and once again hope it is my ticket to being able to eat a bit more normally.

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  1. I sure do not miss those days! Hope the meds work for you! I vomited for the whole pregnancy...tried many different things. Eventually I found foods I could eat that I did not vomit as much!