Thursday, August 13, 2009

First doctor invasion...or appointment

All seemed just fine..doc seems soooo nice and chill and got great vibe from him. He said I def was not candidate for vbac (I knew already) as I have a pelvic bone that is real narrow and comes down at strange angle.

He will have me meet c-section doc later in pregnancy but he would see me through and be at my c-section as well and take care of baby after if I would like.

He couldn't hear heartbeat yet but said my uterus def felt in the 8th to 10th week range so he is having me go for u/s Monday night (9:10 pm crazy!) to get better idea of date and size of baby.

He gave me the stronger dose of zofran and also some free samples of an antacid tablet he wants me to take each morning and he said the combo should def work for me.

Then went for the 6 tubes of blood to be drawn for the tests they run....OOOFFFFF almost passed out on the lady and my vein stopped giving so then she had to give me juice and wait before finishing on other arm. Yuck.

So excited for ultrasound Monday!!! Then go back to him on 26th to try doppler again and get our dates all sorted.

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