Friday, August 21, 2009

I def am pregnant with a pisces

UGHHHHH this baby has got to be swimming circles around in my womb! The constant nausea just won't go away for longer than an hour and I am lucky if I even make it an hour without feeling slightly woozy.....roll on second trimester and I pray that it actually brings me some relief!

All I want to consume is cake and mexican food.....I am getting cake tomorrow at a baby shower which makes me happier than you could ever imagine! I may have to buy a single piece at Walmart tonight though just because....I also see many cans of refried beans being eaten.

I also am still going with my gut and think this baby is a boy. Dunno why just feels like it. My belly seems to becoming more and more basketball like and most clothes still fit as long as they sit under the belly....with Gabby I expanded EVERYWHERE. So here's hoping to becoming all belly this time around ;)

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