Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grub o' the Week

Ok it is really hard to menu plan when you still don't feel like eating much let alone look at food at the grocery store or online! So tonight was pizza rolls LOL! We had Red Robin for lunch so weren't too hungry! Gabby had a usual mix of toast and cheerios. So as of right now this week is looking grim. Never made the meatballs yet, thinking they may end up being a fall thing.

Picked up our box of Great Food For All for month of August and was pleased with the contents! Real excited to try this frozen Chicken and Brown Wild Rice soup that was in it (again a fall thing for me).

So anyway this week may look something like this:

Easy meals that don't require me to look much at meat for the hubby.....fruit loops for me

hahah.....seriously though I am not too into food still (well again as it depends on each day it seems!).

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