Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aldis Queen!

Ok I am sooo tired after a morning of shopping and checking out various rummage sales but ran across a link to this site that I HAD to share! I am a HUGE fan of Aldis since I get a whole cart of groceries for like $60 bucks compared to hundreds I was spending at Meijer and Walmart! (I still go to those places too but try my hardest to get bulk of items at Aldis!).

Introducing The Aldis Queen she features all different recipes and shopping lists based just on stuff found at Aldis! YAYYYYYY!

Ok off to shower and maybe revive myself since I have lots more I wanted to write about today but it may have to be held off until tonight or tomorrow even!


  1. We do not do Aldi very often. Andrew is not a fan. And their cheese selection drives me crazy. I do frequent Save a lot though!

  2. ooh ours has a decent cheese selection! Haven't really checked out our save a lot but it is right across the street from aldis so I should!

  3. I am really picky about cheese. I want it hormone free and made with 2% milk. You can not get it at save a lot either. I generally just stock up when it is on sale at Meijer.