Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toast w/laughing cow cheese

Toast soldiers aka toast sticks are great for the BLW babe! Not only can you let the baby try different varieties of breads this way but they also have endless possibilities to top them with other flavors, or for baby to use as dippers! On this day at the end of  October I gave Lainey some whole wheat toast with some laughing cow swiss cheese spread on it! She loved it! Since this she has had egg salad, chicken salad, lemon yogurt, and cream cheese on different varieties of bread sticks and has loved all those too!
Pros: EASY PEASY which this Mama LOVES! Always have some sort of bread in the house as well as different things for Lainey to have on it or to dip the bread into!
Cons: mess factor can be high!

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