Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chicken,augratin potatoes,asparagus

Lainey usually eats a little of what we are having each night (major bonus to BLW!) Her selection tonight included a new flavor in the augratin potatoes (now these were the boxed kind which def are not healthy but everything in moderation right?).

She LOVED those potatoes (she is my daughter after all and this mama has yet to meet a potato variety I don't like!)
Lainey is also starting to get more interested in our use of silverware so I figured I would start letting her try out her Boon benders we received (review coming soon!).
She of course didn't dive the fork right into the food but when we gave it to her pre-loaded with potato or chicken she didn't hesitate to put it in her mouth!
Lainey has also been using sippy cups more after mama couldn't handle the sound of her little teeth against the ceramic shot glass she had previously been using to have sips of water out of haha!
We have a tommee tippee cup and we take the valve out of it so the flow comes out like a normal cup! For on the go we have a think baby sippy which is more like a bottle with handles but works great for now!
And here is a video clip I would like to share of Lainey enjoying those potatoes :)

Oh and for some reason this is the face we get at the end of a lot of meals LMAO....

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  1. So cute, she loves her food! :) You're giving me some good ideas on what to try with Victor, I find I'm already wondering what to give him to eat! I want to try hummus (mild homemade stuff) soon, and maybe some pasta sauce would be a good thing. Love seeing these updates!