Sunday, November 21, 2010

8 Months

8 months....and it is November! Your 1st Thanksgiving and 1st Christmas are going to be here before we can blink! And your 1st birthday is right around the corner! SIGH.....

This month has been a blur as I am sure the next couple will be as well! Things about this month

  • You still just have your bottom 2 teeth
  • You are eating LOADS! You eat pretty much everything and anything that we eat at meals. Favorites now include homemade egg and chicken salad spread on toast sticks! You like mommy are also really enjoying the pears that are so perfect this time of year! Avocado is still a yummy for you too! 
  • You just learned how to get cheerios to your mouth in the past week you are working that pincher grasp.
  • You are in desperate need of medium sized fuzzibunz (these are mommy and daddy's faves and we hope to get you 12 of them once Christmas shopping is complete!)
  • You are now pulling yourself up to standing not only on us and the dog but also on our "leather" ottoman! You look too tiny and short to be standing it amuses us haha!
  • You dance! You love rocking your head back and forth especially if we do it with you
  • You are trying to clap but usually it results in your fists banging together 
  • Finally I have heard "mama" but I doubt you are making the connection with it meaning me haha....
  • You still prefer army crawl as your mode of transportation and you are FAST at it! 
  • You are still a pretty great sleeper and most nights you are asleep before 8pm and sleep through until 5 or 6am
  • you are doing better and better with sippy cups of water
  • still nursing off mama around 6 to 8 times a day when I am home and then when I am at work you have around 9 oz of pumped milk along with around 3 nursing sessions when I am home (before and after I work)
  • you still fit your 0 to 6 month robeez shoes (your feet are TINY lol!) but are in mostly 6 to 9 month clothes and even some of those are getting small.

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  1. She is so adorable Steph! It sounds like her and Victor are still pretty much on the same path (except for the eating thing, Victor is pretty picky when it comes to food and doesn't like most non-spoon fed 'wet' stuff like fruits and veggies.) He loves drinking water from his sippy cup though and is a Cheerios maniac! Pulling up has been the big milestone this month too, it's cute to see, but results in a lot of bumped heads! I must prepare my 9 month update for Victor soon, oh my, our babies are growing!