Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bean Burrito

Lainey got to try one of Mama's fave foods this month....refried beans! YUMMO! Now I usually have loads of cheese melted into mine but figured I would let Lainey first try them in the pure form ;) I usually always buy the fat free or vegetarian varieties since they do not contain lard like regular ones do! I warmed them up a bit inside a flour tortilla and let her have a go! Lainey's first bite she was a little unsure....

 And the next bite she still wasn't sure about this new flavor and texture combo....
 But she kept trying more and was soon sucking those beans right out of the tortilla haha! Notice she would not let go of her red pepper slice (another new fave!). She skipped the pear chunks (these were the del monte packed in water variety but she was not keen at all but maybe it is because she prefers to take the bites herself off her pear slices!).
Pros: good protein source in all beans and fiber too! Good texture for those a bit nervous about BLW
Cons: MESSY! Also of course can cause gas ;)

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