Saturday, November 13, 2010

Every Penny Has A Place

I know I am not the only one out here in bloggy world struggling with the approaching holiday season....doesn't it seem though when you have every penny (and upcoming pennies for that matter!) spent you can think of a gazillion other wants/needs?!

It is beyond frustrating somedays especially when it stands in the way of completing projects and such.....for example I was all excited to finish up my monthly project life album but there is just no room to be buying the black cardstock or the prints of the photos for that matter to make this happen right now! GRRR.....

I know in the grand scheme of things it is not truly important and that getting Christmas gifts and groceries and yeah I guess my dog was worth that $50 extra bucks we had to spend out on him for a ripped toenail (somedays I wonder though hahaha!) but jeesh almighty it would be so nice to just have an endless amount of pennies to get all the little things that seem to pop up day to day!

I have also decided against Christmas cards this year which is a total bummer but I just cannot hack spending out for the postage!

Ok enough of my blabbering on about financial woes I have a crying baby to tend to along with a headache that will NOT go away today.....


  1. I hear you about this! Of course right around the holidays our car decides to start leaking gas to screeching from an old fan belt, and the cat gets fleas so we need to order medicine and buy a vaccuum cleaner to suck the little buggers up, and I'm on my last pair of contact lenses, goes on and on! That's just the way life is I guess! Here's hoping we can both make it through the holidays relatively stress (and poor!) free.

  2. UGHH yes exactly Gen! We had our dog rip a toenail off which cost us over 50 bucks, then we need to get shelves so we can get components off the floor in basement before Lainey strangles herself in cords, and a door to put between kitchen and basement to hold some heat in, etc.....on and on and on!