Sunday, November 21, 2010

Potato,avocado,pear:letting baby decide!

Letting the baby decide is a big part of BLW. Of course offering them healthy choices to choose from is ideal since that way we are at least steering them in the right direction towards healthy eating! Lainey is loving being independent in deciding what she wants to eat and is becoming such a confident eater even with just 2 bottom teeth! On this day in October I offered her a selection of steamed potato, avocado, and pear slices. Lainey went straight to the avocado which remains a favorite but she did eventually have a nibble of the potato and the pear (Which has made it into favorites lately too!).

Pros: well all of these choices were easy to prepare and offered Lainey 3 different tastes and textures to explore!
Cons: none at all besides the mess of avocado ;)

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