Saturday, November 6, 2010

November already!

I cannot believe it is November...and I really cannot believe Christmas is 3 paydays away....GULP! As always the panic is setting in over being able to get gifts bought that I want to buy etc....Christmas will be my slimmest I have ever done this year but I am surprisingly not that worried about it! Gabby knows things are tight and I have had her narrow her list down to most wanted....I am shocked that her most wanted is this.....
Yup she wants the 18 inch Aurora doll from toys r us....$50 bucks so overall I feel I am getting off pretty dang easy! I do have a hard time though as I know she will not be playing with these large dolls much longer but yet it makes me feel so good (and relieved!) that she DOES still want dolls! She already has 3 dolls this size; an American Girl doll and then 2 knockoffs from Target and I know she plays with them but not loads....why she is so enthralled with this particular doll I dunno but I know I will make sure this is def under the tree Christmas morning. What is your child wanting? Or what are you wanting for them?

I really need to think about Christmas cards and home made gifts as well as I soooo need to get started NOW if I want to accomplish those tasks!!! Thinking I may do homemade toffee bars for co-workers and just bring in presented in a cute manner for everyone in the break room as opposed to giving each their own as just easier!!! Nobody really gets anyone anything anyway but I feel like it this year as I am just thankful for so much in my life right now (which is weird since I am prob as broke as I have ever been in my life! Def goes to show money does NOT buy happiness!).

Lainey is growing WAY too fast and I will be doing her 8 month post next week already....sigh. Gabby is just amazing and maturing so much (I say this and she will prob have some dramatic meltdown tomorrow now haha). She loves to help with dinner and do family activities such as play games together and she is always such a good helper with her little sister too!

We had to bring Bruno to the vet today as he ripped his toenail somehow! YUCK. So he is on antibiotics and painkillers now poor mutt haha!

Big news for me......I start my masters program in counseling on January 26th YIKESSSSSSSSSS! I am excited though as I really love my job at the moment and know that I need to knock this degree out so that I can move up and get paid more too :)

Guess that is it for now as far as an update goes! I have a review coming up for Pink Princess that will also have a giveaway attached so stay tuned!


  1. Josh wants the Playmobil school! It is like $165 but we found a slightly smaller version at Toys R us for under $100. He is also asking for all the new Harry Potter Lego kits...also super expensive! Sigh...

  2. Hey, so great to hear that you are starting your program soon! I know school sucks (I don't think I'd ever want to go back!), but it'll be worth it in the end, plus it'll be a nice change of pace for a little while.

    As for Christmas I don't think Victor is too particular, haha, but I plan on buying him a set of blocks, a Leapfrog magnet set (the kind with the little base that makes sounds), and Dan wants to get him some new fabric books since he's tired of reading the one that we have, lol. I also have 6 nephews (all under 5) to buy for, so I need to figure that out soon!

  3. So excited for you and your Masters program! As for Christmas, Jonah is asking "Santa" for an XBox 360, Halo Reach edition, he's asking Santa because it's really expensive and that way we won't have to use our money, LMAO. The kid is good! We still haven't figured out if he's playin' us or if he is just that considerate ;) sigh.

  4. LMAO Andrea! Yeah Gabby has said "well I will just wait and see as Santa always knows just what to get me!" hahahaha