Sunday, November 28, 2010

Boon Inc. Review

Have you seen all the amazingly rad boon products?! If I could own them all I totally would! They are not only useful but stylish! 

Some of my faves include.....

Now I could even see these 2 items above in a craft room....just picture all your crafty tools poking out of the cute grass or stashed in these very cool modules! 
And just how amazing and rad is this highchair?!
I have been trying like crazy to win one of these as my sesame street one just does not equal stylish to me LOL! 

Boon was so generous to offer me the very cool Groovy bowl and Benders cutlery set to review! 

Now Miss Lainey is just approaching 9 months but we have been doing baby led weaning with her so she is pretty dang good at feeding herself. We have just started to introduce a plate and cutlery to her though and I have to say these Boon products are PERFECT! The bowl has a nice grippy bottom and is heavy enough to not just be tossed around. And how cute are the little add on dipper bowls for condiments and such?! (I cannot wait for Lainey to be ready to use those as they just make the design of the bowl in my opinion). The Benders are so nice as can actually bend them in what ever direction to ease the baby into learning how to get it to their mouth! Perfect for right or left handed babies ;) 

Here are Lainey's attempts to eat baked beans, peapods, and turkey burger with her boon set!

Pretty successful! We will definitely be purchasing additional boon sets for her in the near future!

Please check out Boon today for unique and modern baby goods! Also you can find out more about Boon products on their various social networks!
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Thanks so much Boon for creating such amazing and cool products!

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