Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Packing Packing Packing

Yup our life is pretty uneventful at the moment (which is actually nice). All we seem to really do is go hunt for boxes then bring em' home and pack em' up! Feels good to get more and more packed but will feel even nicer to actually start moving the boxes out of our place and into the new place! Cannot wait to have those keys in our hands!!! Only a few more weeks hopefully!!!!

I got Muffin's school picture back and she looks innocent as can be of course haha...will have to maybe scan it in tonight and share. The girl will def always at least be seen as innocent in the begining I will give her that haha!

She had a good day at school Friday and bounded out with two stickers plonked on her. We took her to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3D on Sunday and all three of us enjoyed it! I think Bear giggled more than her or I did haha!

We are really excited about a few upcoming movies especially the re-make of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey doing the voice of Ebenezer...it looks soooo cool! And of course Where the Wild Things Are that comes out next month! Just put the book on hold at the library for us to read first (I cannot believe we do not own it will be keeping my eye out at thrift stores for a copy)!

Bear is thrilled as he found a nice computer desk on craigslist for $20 so cannot beat that! Poor guy has been using a tv tray up until this point which gives very LIMITED room for mouse action haha. Now on the hunt for craft tables for my side of the (Wo)Man Cave! :)

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  1. We can not wait to see your new house! We need to start packing, gotta "stage" the house if we are going to sell it!