Thursday, September 17, 2009

Met with the Muffins Principal

I really love Gabby's principal he is prob only a few years older than myself so he def is open to newer more progressive ways of thinking etc...He even said although they are a public school he prides himself on letting the teachers take more progressive approaches to teaching etc...
Anywayyyyy I expressed all my concerns and said how I was very open to anything they wanted to try with Gabby that ultimately my child has always had issues with transitions and change, has A LOT of changes going on in her life, and frankly has a wicked stubborn streak that does come out time to time haha.

Her principal knows her quite well and said how even when her latchkey (she went in kindy and then part of first grade) teachers would say they were having troubles with her that he didn't believe them until she had a visit or two with him in 1st grade for digging her heels in over NOT wanting to go outside to play (hey winter is cold here I cannot say I blame her!). He said although it is not funny he had a hard time not laughing since she looks so clean cut and polite and happy but then when her mind is made up it is MADE UP. He said that he knows she is bright and thinks 2nd grade overall is going to be great for her since will challenge her more than last year.

He brought up different things that her particular teacher does that may be causing Gabby anxiety and was going to speak with her but also have Gabby's first grade teacher pow wow with them to let her current teacher know a little more of the ins and outs of my Muffin haha....

When the child study was brought up he said it is not at all what I am prob thinking and that at their school it is actually called TAT (umm cannot remember what it stood for except teacher aide something). Basically what they do is have her current teacher and her past teachers get together with maybe the social worker as well and all observe her maybe together and/or one on one etc...then they come up with more of a plan of action on how Gabby learns best and how the teacher should be approaching her etc...he said of course if the social worker has any other concerns she would express them to us and then we as parents would have to pursue it further if we chose.

I brought up the positive reinforcement as opposed to the minuses system and taking things away since that doesn't bother her...the principal nailed it on the head when he said Gabby seems more like a "show me the carrot and then I will come" type of kid and how if she doesn't see the reward in something she is not going to waste her time. haha. That is about right!

He said when he had Gabby in his office before and how she spoke of England and how intrigued she was when he looked up her old school on the internet etc...he could see what a thinker she was and how she def loved learning new things.

We agreed Gabby just needs to be able to have a bit more control in her day and although it may seem silly to us but something as simple as letting her choose the order of when she does worksheets might be the choice that makes her happy etc...

He thanked us soooo much for coming in and how he loves how hands on we are and he knows Gabby has great support at home and how concerned we are for her.

So overall the meeting went great. We of course said he could share all with the teacher as well as we certainly weren't trying to go over her head we just know she is so busy with school just starting herself.

On a super cute note we walked Gabby up to her locker (today is picture day) and two little girls came up and said "Gabby you look so gorgeous today!" it was too damn cute! hahaha

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