Friday, September 11, 2009

Fingers and toes crossed

We looked at a prospective rental house today (Shannon it is right next door to Andrew's old home!). It would be PERFECT for us!

It is the cutest little cape cod style house. It has 3 bedrooms and a basement that is half finished off and the other half is laundry and storage area. Has a large fenced in backyard and best part....4 houses from the entrance of my daughter's elementary school!!!! Only down sides of it is only one bathroom (common around this area though) and no garage. It is really quite small but with the basement and large yard it is totally do-able and would be a perfect home for us to live in for next few years!

We filled out application and I played up to the landlord best I could (oh you happen to work with my dads golf buddy, yes I am pregnant, we so don't want to change my daughters school it would just break her heart, we want to be settled in somewhere before the holidays, etc...).

So now we wait..........praying he decides sometime within the next week as I don't think I could stand waiting any longer than that for an answer haha!

We went right out on a box hunt and totally scored at Bob Evans as they had a cardboard only bin full of perfect sized boxes! YAY! So tomorrow I shall buy more packing tape and start the fun chore of packing....we have A LOT of stuff so I am sure many more box hunts are in our future!

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