Friday, October 1, 2010

September wins and thank yous!

I had a great month for winning on goodies on various blogs and I just wanted to take a moment to do a post and thank all the blogs I won off of for putting on such great giveaways! Of course thank you to all the wonderful sponsors as well!!!

In no particular order many super duper THANKS to:

Monkey Toes  - $50 gift certificate to Olee Kids for a cute wall decal

The ABCD Diaries- case of Lindsay olives

Happy Hour Mom- $120 gift certificate to Voda Swimwear

Paisley Passions- Memory Works Ele.Men.ta.ry Scrapbook set

Lolidots- Max and Ruby dvd

Colie's Kitchen- Souper James Set (salsa, soup,dip,jam)

Mom it Forward- $50 Threadless kids clothing gift certificate

Stash Mama- $30 My Precious Kid gift certificate

My Baby's Green- Messy Bib and Lunch bug by Mimi the Sardine

Sweeps 4 Bloggers- Ringley natural baby teething toy

THANK YOU all sooooo much!!! If I keep on a roll like this I will get bulk of Christmas shopping done for my girls :)


  1. Hi there! I'm a new follower from blog hop! You can visit me at

  2. So awesome! But gotta tell ya I'm laughing out loud at the case of olives :) Andrea

  3. LOl Andrea I know! They sent nice ones though in these little bowl containers with reuseable lids! Think there is over 12 containers of them in there!