Monday, October 18, 2010

7 months

As you can see by the photos this was a tricky month to attempt posed pics! Mommy gave up after a short while haha! You are growing so much and seem to be so much older everyday which fills us with joy but is also so hard to bear some days when we realize just how quickly it is going!

  • Daddy came into your room to find you sitting up in your crib waiting today!
  • Obviously you have learned to sit all on your own this month and you get into position in the cutest ways (sometimes from being on all 4’s to plopping backwards onto your bum, other times doing a sideways maneuver)
  • Still breastfeeding and I think you really enjoyed your 2 weeks of no bottles while in England!
  • Luckily you went back to taking pumped milk from daddy in a bottle with no problem though!
  • You are eating more and more solids and we LOVE doing baby led weaning/solids with you! So easy!
  • Your hand to eye coordination is fantastic and you are learning just how to get even the most slippery bits to your mouth (chicken is a favorite!)
  • You still haven’t figured out a sippy cup but that is ok as we haven’t really let you practice too much!
  • Bruno is definitely becoming your sidekick! You adore him and are still loving chewing on him…he doesn’t mind this too much it seems although he wasn’t too happy when you had a death grip on one of his jowls! He was patient though and just licked you a bit until you let go and then he pawed at his face for quite awhile as he swiftly moved away from you hahaha
  • Your army crawl gets you to where you need to go! We are putting carpet down this week so will be interesting to see if you perfect a “normal crawl” once that is down. Needless to say more baby proofing will be done!
  • Since England you now go to sleep at night with no night light or music…this kinda makes me sad and I may need to re-introduce but as long as you are sleeping I guess it shouldn’t matter to what I want LOL
  • You are still wearing 6 to 9 month clothes but some are getting snug
  • You are officially out of your size small fuzzibunz which makes us sad since they worked the best and now we need to afford some mediums! We were having wayyy too many leaks with them since they are too small for your chubness, have to use the ebay cheapies and a couple Happy Heinys we have until new FB can be purchased.
  • Mommy and Daddy have started to do the baby signing for “milk” to you anytime you nurse or have a bottle….it gets either big smiles or frantic panting grunting noises (indicating YES that is what you want!). Will be fun to see if you start doing it yourself when you want milk.

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    1. So cute! Sounds like her and V. are about on the same page with a lot of things (eating, commando crawling)...we're also getting quite snug with the small FB, we still use it though (we only have the 1 perfect size in small with 2 mediums waiting to be used, the rest are one size). I also got some Bamboozles by Bummis from my SIL and let me tell you I love them, in case you'd want something non-pocket (and cheaper...)