Sunday, October 17, 2010

Education re-visited

Lord help for those that really know me I am a wee bit ADD when it comes to education and my future....I have changed my mind soooo many times on what I want to do and what school I would apply to etc...the thing is if I want to move up in my career I HAVE to have a masters degree. I have asked myself many times if this is what I wanted (ya know to move up in what I am doing already) and I keep coming back to yes I do!

I am in a pretty good spot right now as I assist state counselors and this school year I am pretty much running my own caseload which I love. Problem is of course I am not hired by the state nor getting the compensation that I would be getting all because of no masters degree.

I have no desire to apply to a school that makes me take a GRE or write a 5 page or more paper about myself etc...I just want to get in and do the work and get the degree!

Well just a few days ago my supervisor mentioned Phoenix to me....I instantly balked a bit as I have heard they are kinda not a "real college" or are looked at poorly supervisor said that definitely not and that I could be hired by the state if I got my masters through basically any school as long as it was accredited.

So here I go again this Thursday to go discuss starting a masters program in counseling. The good thing is I will only have to take class one night a week from 6 to 10 pm. The bad thing is it is about an hour drive each way so that one night I won't be home until 11 maybe later in the winter especially. But it is 3 years of my life that I know will fly by and hopefully hopefully HOPEFULLY at the end of it I can be hired in by the state or better yet get a federal position in counseling! So I need to just give myself a huge kick in the rear and DO THIS.

So I put it out there......let's hope I can commit and start this program starting January 2011.


  1. I went to Phoenix for a while and it is VERY likely you will do most of your classes from home! Only going in for the first and last class. But it is an EXTREME amount of work.

  2. YAY!!! That'll be awesome! And it really does FLY by... Like, I cannot believe that I'll be getting my MA this semester and Ed.M. next semester. Then... that's it! A Mental Health Counselor.

    You can do it!!!!