Monday, October 18, 2010

Asparagus and chicken casserole

These posts are going to be a bit less about individual foods since we are starting to give Lainey a mix of whatever we have for dinner. I am not 100% sure if I will go too much further with the BLW/BLS posts since they will all kinda be the same from here on out. I may just do progress ones so you can see how she has progressed with being able to feed herself though and how she does it and how her pincer grip starts to develop more etc.....So without further ado I give you asparagus and chicken and stuffing casserole!
Lainey loved sucking the juice out of the asparagus and although she gave us quite a few "yuck" looks she still kept picking it back up and trying it more and more! Something I feel you wouldn't really get with purees as you would prob give up if they turned away more than a few times! BLW leaves it up to the child though so that THEY can explore and truly try it as much as THEY want to!

Now the casserole was def not too BLW friendly in the respect it was squishy and not too easy to grasp onto etc....but Lainey managed just fine after a bit of practice and was getting handfuls into her mouth!

I took a video but for some reason blogger is rejecting it so I will need to try and load it elsewhere and link up.

PROS: Lainey is learning to eat whatever we have!!!
CONS: sure it is messy at times but it is sooo low stress it more than makes up for the mess (plus if you have a dog the only mess is on the baby haha)

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