Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chex Mix Gameday Sweepstakes and Review; Enter Today!

I was a lucky chosen host recently for a Chex Mix "Game Day" Get together via MyGetTogether. I was sent 3 flavors of chex mix; original, turtle, and honey nut. I have to say we were disappointed with the original as it was very bland and just dry tasting. Nothing like the homemade stuff I grew up with my grandma making at Christmas time! The turtle flavor was pretty tasty and gave me a nice chocolate fix! Honey nut is good as well but I still stand by my favorite flavor is the bold which they did not include in this host pack.

We were also sent a super cute Chex Mix football themed bowl and napkins and plates. I want to thank General Mills for sending plenty of coupons to hand out to friends and family as well as the allergy info for these products!

The most exciting thing I wanted to share with you though is the Chex Mix Sweepstakes going on right now! Enter today to win $10,000 or a year's worth of Chex Mix (talk about having snacks for parties and school snacks for the kids!). 

So please head on over to Chex Mix on Facebook and enter today! 

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