Friday, October 1, 2010

Cauliflower and Chicken!

I wish I would have had more pictures of this eating adventure for Lainey but we were at a Sunday roast at a pub and I just wasn't really thinking of taking pictures. I wasn't even planning on feeding her anything but what we have learned is as soon as you let them start tasting and experimenting and being part of the family dining experience it is hard to NOT let them join in! So mommy licked the gravy off a hunk of cauliflower and much to Nana's disgust handed over a hunk of it to a bib less Lainey! Lainey put it straight into her mouth and was munching away (she does have her bottom two teeth now pretty much fully in) I also handed her a strip of my roasted chicken which she happily sucked and nibbled away on!

Pros: easy to prep, can serve steamed or roasted etc....just 3 florets provides you with 67% of your daily vitamin C! Also high in folate
Cons: it stinks LOL! Otherwise no real cons I can think of 

Pros: readily available anywhere you may dine, not too messy,low in fat but high in protein,vitamins B6 and B12, high in iron (what I learned from the BLW book is that the baby doesn't need to eat the meat to gain the goodness from it, as long as they suck on the piece of meat they are getting the benefits!)
Cons: none I can think of

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  1. I totally did the sucking of the sauce off a piece of food and then giving it to her thing a week or so ago. They're like baby birds :p

    I am too nervous to give Em any of my meat still.