Monday, January 25, 2010

Vampire Muffin

Seriously can the girl get any dang cuter? Teehee...what was even cuter yet though was when she went to put her 4th tooth under her pillow she said she had to sleep with her tooth fairy doll she has right on her chest in her arms so the tooth fairy knows "I respect her" LMAO!

In other news she has started selling girlscout cookies for her 1st time ever. We are excited and I really hope the girl manages to sell 100 boxes so she can get her 100+ cookie selling patch :)

I am growing more miserable by the day and broke down and ordered one more pair of maternity pants to hopefully get me through so I am not wearing the same pair every day to work...I also may have tossed in a spring/summer dress and a pair of khakis for post baby body heh heh.... ;)

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