Tuesday, January 26, 2010

32 Week Doc Appointment

Well doc appointment was pretty normal despite going to leave for appt I had a flat tire!!! I mean FLAT. So luckily a guy from work came out to put my spare on and got my Gram to come get me to bring me to my appointment haha!

Still measuring 2 to 3 weeks ahead. He said from the ultrasound all Lainey’s measurements were 50th% or higher so that is good and she is estimated to already be around 1800 grams so just under 4 pounds! I know those aren’t always right though but still sounds good to me.

I go for a bunch of blood work tomorrow for my insurance and he also wants to make sure my iron and vitamin c are improving and also to check my thyroid to see if I have gone hyperthyroid which also could be causing my heart palpitations I am having. So fasting tonight so I can get all that taken care of in the morning and then go back again to him on the 9th unless something funny comes up in my blood work I guess.

Lainey’s heartrate was still around 148 so all good there too. I let him know I was still aiming to have her in week 37 last week of February and he just laughed at me...hmmppffff....

Oh and my goal of course for insurance and for just me after I have her is to get out of the obese category I am currently in :( here I was thinking that was around 140 for me at 5'2"....yeah doc said he would like to see me aim for 118 to 130! HAHAHAHAHHA! I have seen 130 back in 2002 so that isn't tooooo far out of reach but I haven't seen under 130 since I was prob around 18 so this shall be an interesting journey!

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  1. Glad to hear that things are going well, who knows, you may have Gummi at 37 weeks after all! Hopefully your bloodwork goes well and you don't stress too much about what the docs tell you you 'should' be. If you feel good and are happy then that's what matters!