Friday, January 8, 2010

Houseguests and Temperatures Oh my!

So tonight our lovely friends arrive from across the pond...yup our friend Geoff and his lovely girlfriend Linda and her 1 year old son Harry will be arriving tonight at around 9pm from this alone is enough to put a woman in her 3rd trimester into a bit of a stressed out tizzy (is the house clean enough? Laundry done? Setting up sleeping spaces for both guests and the Muffin and dog (that will be moved downstairs for the next two weeks), do we have the right foods in the house? Oh need to run and get fresh guest pillows...etc..)

Well add on top of that the Muffin comes down with an awful snot filled cold last night!

Oh it gets better....then around 9 am we get a call from the school for Bear to go get Muffin since they report she has a temp of 102! He gets her and says it is still only saying 98 at home so who knows....but anyway now have the stress of maybe getting our house guests sick :( I feel awful but what can we do?!

And I am supposed to watch my almost 3 year old neice tomorrow evening so my lil sis can go out to dinner for her birthday! Fun times I tell ya fun stressful times haha :)

I am trying to stay positive though and know that I always seem to get myself worked up when it all works out in the end so I am just trying to keep smiling and brush it all off and see the cup half full and all that business....wish me luck!

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  1. Hey, good luck with the weekend adventures! I'm sure your friends won't care if the house is clean, they'll just be so happy to see you! Remember to take it easy, let the hubs take care of as much as possible and enjoy the visit while you can :)