Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stressful and Sad Times

First off may my Papa be sleeping peacefully (although he was never one to just lay around haha!).

He was an awesome man and Grandpa and Great Grandpa! He was 82 and had been very stubborn and refused cancer treatments. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer at least 3 years ago and remained active up until the last week or so. He went into the ER on Friday (by his own choice so we knew it wasn't good since he did NOT go to doctors too willingly) and was admitted straight into surgery to remove a huge mass from around his kidneys. He also had cancer filling his bladder and into his back and they gave him days to weeks. My uncle signed over that he would be admitted into hospice and he went there on Sunday. He was not doing well and was in an almost comatose state.

Luckily I was able to go visit along with many other family members. I was able to speak to him and tell him I loved him and that Gabby (muffin) was going to make him proud and learn a song or two on the harmonica he gave her. I saw a twinkle in his eye and he raised an eyebrow a bit so that was my closure I needed. Needless to say I could not hold it together and there were many tears and sobbing coming from this almost 8 month pregnant lady!

My grandpa then passed at around 11:45 that night with my mom and grandma on either side of him. His memorial will not be until first week of February since they are waiting for his minister that he wanted to speak to return from vacation.

In other news from the weekend....the good...

I rescued a greyhound doggy :) She came right up to our door and back fence (most likely smelled our boxer) and she was just bones (skinnier than even a greyhound should be). She had a collar and tags on so I knew she had an owner and she looked just freezing out in the snow. I lured her with some treats and got her inside out of the cold. Bruno was beside himself thinking we got him a buddy haha...she was not as impressed but tolerated him well.

None of the tags she had on helped me but she did have a tag saying she had a microchip. I posted on craigslist right away and received a call from a non-profit dog rescue place. The lady was kind enough to meet me so she could scan the girl and see what we came up with. Ended up she was 13 years old and the dog sitter let her get away! Luckily we got in contact with the owner and dog sitter and got them re-united! Felt good to help the poor thing out especially after learning how old she was as no way would she have made it on a cold snowy Michigan night!

The night I rescued the greyhound was also the night we had friends arrive from England! As I mentioned before Gabby had a temp and a cold so I felt bad about that but luckily their little boy also had a cold so that made me not feel so bad anymore :) Things have been going well but of course I am tired as can be with all going on...

I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and am still measuring 3 weeks ahead. I get an ultrasound on Friday (YAY!) to check size and dates and such again. I think it is normal though as Muffin came 3 weeks early so I am guessing (hoping) that Gummi Bear comes 3 weeks early as well as that puts her arriving around the last week of February! So even though my ticker says 66 more days today I know it is going to be less than that YAY!

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  1. So sorry Steph! We will be thinking of you!

    Hope you are at least having a good visit!