Friday, January 1, 2010

10 for the start of 2010

Saw this on other's blogs so here's my twist. 10 Things making me Excited/Happy/Gleeful and filled with joy already for 2010!

In no particular order....

1. That the American Girl doll for 2010 happens to be named Lanie! Of course spelled different then what our Lainey will be but still she WILL have this doll bought for her :)

2. The fact I just ordered my custom Brooke Van Gory diaper bag (still deciding on pattern of fabrics)

3. Seeing and spending time with good friends that don't live around here! My bestie Jen is in town this week from Germany and it has been so great to spend time with her! We are both pregnant and she is due a month after me!

4.Funny pics of our dog or even just our funny dog! He makes us giggle daily

5. All the belly bumping around that Miss Lainey has been causing, seriously the only part of pregnancy I enjoy!

6. Good food! I am trying to enjoy anything I choose right now as I know as soon as I give birth I WILL be seriously watching what goes into my mouth a lot more carefully....sigh

7. My body pillow, what would I do without you right now?

8. The sight of half built igloos and snowmen in our front yard....I am so happy and thankful for my daughter and that we will be having another one this year!

9. owls...nuff said

10. Almost anything in oceany blue colors! This color just makes me sooooo happy :)
And I think I need these for spring :)

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