Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Other Ideas

Ok I am only supposed to be 31 weeks this week....I seriously think this little girl has other ideas and plans to come out sooner than later! We had an ultrasound Friday and Lainey is still a girl so that was good news haha. Of course the tech could tell us no other information so we have to wait until my 32 week appt on the 26th to go over measurements and estimated weight etc...

I am just not comfy though...AT ALL. I feel pain and pressure low I feel pain and pressure high....And I have a long torso! I know she is not ready to be out of me yet but I sure feel like she is 90% of the time!

Gabby (muffin) came out at 37 weeks so we shall see what Miss Lainey (gummi bear) has in mind!

At my lack of comfort level I am currently at I just cannot imagine walking around like this for another 5 to 7 weeks!!! UGH


  1. I am so there. I keep thinking I can't believe I still have another 6 weeks until my due date.

  2. I hear ya too, I have another 7 weeks to go but I seriously doubt I'll last that long...I'm thinking another 3 weeks would be enough (at my last appointment they said he was head down already, so he's getting ready for sure!) Hope you can find a way to feel somewhat comfy for the next little while!