Thursday, December 31, 2009

Patchoulie and Pregnancy don't Mix!

Ok I have nothing against patchoulie and I even enjoy it in small doses on the right people.....we have a customer however that comes to our office once or twice a week and believe me he is not a right person and he def does not use appropriate doses! *GAG* lingers in the hallways and elevators even which does not make this pregnant lady with a super bionic nose happy! BLECH

Anyway not too much else to report...Christmas was great my daughter LOVED her presents and we just had a nice relaxing holiday.

Tonight we also plan to just chill and eat some appetizers and enjoy one another.

Miss Lainey is making me feel HUGE and uncomfortable more and more each day! I am only 28 weeks (well 29 on Saturday) and doc said I was measuring at 31 weeks...I certainly feel it!

Hopefully will post some new belly pics this weekend if I manage to get rest of my to do list done!!!

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