Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafty on my Mind!

Ok I swear there is nothing worse than when the crafting mood strikes and you are stuck in a situation where you can really do nothing about the mood; except of course dwell and ponder on it, and hope and pray it is still there when you CAN do something about it!

Right now I am at work...the sudden urge to do nursery craft projects is overwhelming me! I need canvas, I need paint, I need paper, I need mod podge, I need tissue paper, I need pipecleaners, I need time and energy to immerse myself into these fun projects I have saved to complete for Miss Lainey's nursery!!!

Good news is we have decided to go ahead and order the rest of the goodies we need to order for her room including the custom curtain valances and crib skirt that match her adorable owl blanket :) Also we will be ordering a vinyl piece of wall art of some form (still have a couple picked out so need to narrow down to what one will be the winner!).

Oh and yes Christmas cards are done and most will be sent today and the rest will be sent when I buy more stamps ;)

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