Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now that Christmas is done.......

I have a new list of stuff that needs to get done! I would prefer for majority to be done before our friends arrive from England on January 8th!
*finish scrapbook for best friends shower that is on the 3rd!
*take down Christmas stuff
*unpack boxes of normal curio stuff knicknacks etc...
*get file cabinet
*go through over 2 boxes of stuff to put into file cabinet!
*throw a bunch more stuff away!

Then other things I would like to get done before Lainey arrives
*rest of nursery set up
*car seat bought and installed
*hospital bag packed
*purchases made (after baby shower) of stuff we truly will need upon Lainey's arrival
*wash all of Lainey's cloth diapers
*order a few more cloth dipes and snappis

So yeah January and February should go by quite swiftly with all the to do's in my life haha! No time for any winter blahs here and I am a-ok with that!

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