Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Checking my List

YAY feeling accomplished this week as we got Lainey's valances ordered and also her crib skirt that will both be made in this pattern to match her blanket I got for her crib...

We also ordered this wall graphic to go up but in hot pink :)

And we got a changing pad cover that will be this material

Sooo once these things arrive her nursery will be well on it's way to completion and awaiting our newest little princess!

Still on the wish/need list for the nursery will be my craft projects I mentioned before, a pink fluffy rug, and crib and bassinet sheets! So not really too much more to be honest! Not bad for having around 90 days or so left until arrival!

We of course have some other big purchase items we need to get such as car seat and baby carrier but those will of course be bought before she comes! We have decided to skip infant stroller and just get the one she can be in from approx 3 months up to 55lbs so we don't end up with multiple strollers! We figure the baby carrier will be used mostly those first few months along with the carseat carrier if we feel like lugging that around as opposed to "wearing" her haha.

So despite my growing discomfort day by day I am feeling a bit calmer about being ready for this new little person entering our lives :D

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