Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Monday

Oh my gosh could it be true? Am I actually planning our menu again?! Yup I am sure gonna try because I have found it keeps the grocery bill down not to mention makes it that much easier knowing what choices I have to make for dinner! So I don't grocery shop until Friday and Saturday this week so this is actually a menu plan for next week. Those that have not seen my past menu plans just a word of warning, we don't do big meals! I am mostly about quick and easy peasy! I like to get home and get dinner done and then be showered before 8pm to chill the rest of the evening :) So here is our exciting menu plan for next 2 weeks :) and in no particular order since I do not like to have things set in stone but more a plan that I then can pick from each night easily.
  •  Starting off with Easter Sunday which will involve a low key buffet of the following since it is just my parents and us this year
ham and turkey on croissants, greek pasta salad, crab rangoon dip, cheesy spinach artichoke dip, pinwheels (u know those tortilla wrapped goodness things!), BBQ chicken drummies, deveiled eggs, and some sort of desserts.

  • Chicken Pot Pockets (Hungry Girl 300 under 300)
  • Cheesy Pigs in Blankets (Hungry Girl 300 under 300)
  • Bacon Wrapped BBQ Chicken (Hungry Girl 300 under 300)
  • Johnsonville Turkey Cheddar Sausages (a new fave in our house since they only have 3 WW points + per sausage!)
  • Funky Chili Mac (Hungry Girl 300 under 300)
  • Southwest BBQ Chicken Quesadilla (Hungry Girl 300 under 300)
  • Pizza Puffs (Hungry Girl 300 under 300)
  • BLT Pizza (Hungry Girl 300 under 300)
  • BBQ Beef Sandwiches (recipe on EmilyBites)
  • Pampered Chef Chicken Broccoli Braid
  • Chili Dogs
  • Steak and veg
  • Hot Wing Pizza (made up recipe based off a fave at local pizza place)
  • Burgers
As you can see I got a new cookbook :) Plan to try out lots out of Hungry Girls new cookbook over next month or so! Stay tuned for reviews on these recipes as I plan to post my faves for you all.


  1. I love Hungry Girl, just wish the people in my house weren't so darn particular about what they eat. If I didn't force them it would be grilled cheese and hot dogs every night.


  2. Crab Rangoon dip??? Please share!