Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Goals=WOOPSIE!

So yeah me like a LOT of other people I am sure kinda forgot about those things called goals, resolutions, etc... So let's re-visit mine and see how I have done....
  • Lose 40 to 50 pounds (seriously this is not about vanity this is about getting to a healthy realistic goal weight I NEED to stay at this time around, last time I was in this weight range was in 2003....)
Ok I am actually doing GOOD at this one so YAYYYYY gold star for me :) currently have lost over 15 pounds since January and I am still attending weekly WW meetings and tracking DAILY (also just got husband to start doing it with me!)
  • Complete 2010 Project Life album (journaling will be the real task so need to keep on top of it for 2011 so I don't have this same dilemma next year!)
I did do this too! So I am doing good right?!
  • Keep up to date on 2011 Project Life album so that I won't be having a repeat performance of this goal in 2012 ;)
Ok I am KINDA doing this.....I have stuff in January and February and a couple pics tossed into March but I NEED to make it a priority to 100% complete the Jan and Feb sections not to mention the March!
  • Organize Basement! This will involve a LOT of purging and a LOT of rubbermaid bin purchasing. I have a very tidy vision in my mind with stacked rubbermaid totes labeled clearly so that I know exactly where things are as well as a food pantry area!
Again I am doing OK in this area....we set up the food storage area with new storage shelves we bought
BUT we are still dealing with this....

sooooo yeah there is THAT.....
  • Scrapbook area organized and also labeled where needed!
again doing OK on this as is what my area looks like if you haven't seen it before

    I have been tossing out LOADS of stuff and also boxing up stuff for my daughter to peruse as needed :)
  • Hair chopped (it is past my shoulders now and plan to go back to a below the chin bob) and dyed back to a brownish color that is closest to my new adult real hair color!
nope haven't done this as made it one of my weight loss goals....also I am thinking I want to keep it long for this summer and will just keep it blondish since the sun bleaches it out anyways....
  • Complete first year of Grad school successfully!!! EEEKKKK so nervous yet so excited!
Well I WOULD be working on this if they didn't keep postponing it! So NOT my fault! I am due to (HOPEFULLY) start in August
  • Buy giftcards each shopping trip so that we have them to fall back on next December for Christmas gifts and shopping trips etc... (whatever we may need them for...for some reason this seems it will work better for us then trying to put money into savings, one of those mental games I guess with us hahaha)
Well this started out good (we have 2 purchased LOL)...need to get more of these I know I will be thankful come November if I have these!
  • Paint my nails and not just my toes! Serioulsy even once a month would be nice and it is not like it is THAT hard to do haha
Yup this has not happened not even ONCE.....what's a fun color I should get?
  • Enjoy days at the beach while WEARING a swimsuit this summer with my family!
Cannot wait! I plan to buy a swimsuit in May eeeeek!
  • to do some more scrapbook pages but not set really any deadlines and to not stress about when things need to be done (besides Project Life) but instead to just enjoy the process!

Well I did start a layout this past Sunday hahaha....hope to get many more done this year!
So there it is a check in with just how my goals have been about you?


  1. Good idea Steph, considering it's 1/4 of the way through the year already, time for a check-in! You're doing pretty well though, I must say! (And super good idea about the gift cards, I might start doing that in the summer, since I'll have a newborn/baby around the holidays the more help I can get the better!

  2. Wow, you are making progress! I need to get motivated on the weight…I am in a holding pattern…better than last summer, but worse than 2 years ago…thanks for the motivation :)

    A corner of my basement (near my craft area) looks like that too!

  3. lime green polish...why not?

  4. I really need to get motivated on the weight loss too.