Thursday, April 7, 2011

Current Obsessions

So it is one of those boring days (WEEKS!) so I have been doing lots of dream internet shopping....I have found myself drawn to several categories this week (well some of them a lot longer than a week!) So thought I would share for those of you who want to peek into my desires a bit are some things I have wanted....
Cuckoo Clocks: I have adored cuckoo clocks since I was a child, I actually own one just like this first one! It was my Great Grandpa's and I remember watching him always try to fix the dang thing! I need to put it together well enough to hang up (may be added onto my list of projects for this weekend in fact!)

Next on the list Gnomes....I <3 gnomes of all sorts! I love the statues and I love them on things!

Owls: A long time thing for me since I grew up in love with my mom's macrame owl wall hanging that I purchased a re-make of on ebay years ago!
I MUST have these owl key covers (once they are back in stock over on ModCloth)

Dresses: I LOVE dresses and do not wear them nearly enough! MUST get LOTS of new dresses someday...ya know when I win the lottery that I never play ;)

All these dresses found on ModCloth (my new fave site to dream shop on BTW)

and last thing I will share today that I have been ogling and thinking "hmmm could I make one of those?!" are Waldorf Inspired dolls such as these

I did manage to find some kits and tutorials online but this girl does not sew....I am thinking I may be able to fake it enough to whip one of these up though (although I make no promises on final look of the doll haha).

Sooooo what have you been into ogling online lately?


  1. TFS…I love cuckoo clocks too. My dh & I finally bought one (similar to your first pic) about 15 years ago. Love it :)

  2. i gave up wearing pants for lent- so just dresses and skirts. I've added 2 or 3 things just to give me a bit more choice, but I am LOVING it. I don't think i'll be making the switch back to pants. The skirts and dresses are just too much fun!

  3. HA giving up pants for lent I LOVE that! My problem is that I NEED shoes to be able to wear all my dresses and skirts again! I had to toss my black maryjanes and my new black shoes (dansko oxfords) would look a bit too school marmish with sassy frocks ;) so now I need to convince the husband I NEED to get my dansko Sally shoes I want....see there goes me wanting more is a beast I tell ya!

  4. i too like the same things you do and my 4 year old just love's that little sundress she thinks its a big hit and wants to know where you found that at.

  5. Jenny I found that little dress on etsy! Just search for gnome dress :)