Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picky Sticky (Etsy) Review

How could you not love seeing growth progression pictures? Whether it be a woman blossoming in pregnancy or the growth of your newborn baby PickySticky has the perfect embellishment to help you document these milestones! Missy sells month by month stickers that you can stick on any shirt or onesie to help document the specific milestone. Yes they are a one time use thing BUT... I have been keeping each sticker to then incorporate into a scrapbook I will do up featuring the pictures taken with Lainey wearing her monthly pickysticky stickers :)
(I cannot wait to see all 12 in a row at the end of Lainey's first year!)

I had to have these for my new little girl and I have to say I get sooo many compliments on them via facebook and family and my various mommy message boards I post pictures on about how cute they are. I couldn't agree more! I only wish I had known about PickySticky sooner so that I could have documented my pregnancy in the same way!

PickySticky offers several different styles that will surely suit your purpose perfectly! Check out PickySticky today!

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