Thursday, August 12, 2010

Phunklab (Etsy) Custom Art Review

Are you looking for the prefect gift? How about a very unique personalized piece of art? Phunklab is the perfect choice! I had a hard time deciding on the perfect wedding gift for my husband and as soon as I saw Fleur's amazing work on etsy I knew THAT was what I HAD to get for my soon to be husband. Not only would it be personalized and unique but it also would serve as a truly amazing piece of art in our bedroom.

Fleur takes a photograph you send her (it can even be made from more than one photo!) and turns them into these wonderful canvas creations! I sent her two different photographs since I liked myself in one and my husband to be better in another.

I also asked if she could please make my hair a bit longer than what it was in the original photograph as I didn't quite like how it was hanging in the photo(thank you photoshop and Fleur). She then merged my soon to be husband and myself into one fantastic piece of art that included songs of meaning to US as the background!
And here was the proof she sent me

Fleur added a unique touch by having a shadowed box around a key lyric "And I will love you til the end of time" that happened to sit right beneath the two of us in the center making it all come together!

The art is printed onto canvas of your size choosing and came shipped to me in America with no harm done! I brought it to my local Hobby Lobby store and had it custom framed with museum glass over top to protect and showcase this treasure.

Fleur was a joy to work with and I never hesitate to share her store with others in person and online!

Thanks Fleur my husband and I have now been married almost 2 years and your gorgous art stares at us in bed every night :)

Check out Phunklab today!

*This review was done based on my own personal opinions and I was not paid to do this review


  1. oh my gosh Stephie, what as pleasant surprise to hear from you!! I am so touched - your print was always a favorite of mine because it was a little different so I can't tell you how much it's made my day, no WEEK to see the pic of it in your bedroom. Thanks so much for spreading the word about my work and all the best to you and your gorgeous little family. Fleur xo

  2. I adore this. Absolutely stunning!