Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 months

Oh my sweet Lainey bear cub cannot believe it has been 5 whole months since you came into our world already!!! Time is flying by so dang fast!!!
Some notes for this month...
  • You are moving fast now! Granted you cannot yet master getting up on your knees but you are still trying and you manage to get around quite well via your inchworm moves!
  • Sleeping has been great still with the occasional middle of the night feed but on average still sleeping from 10 to 5:30 during the week and like 11 to 7 or so on the weekends
  • Still 100% on Mama milk! So proud of us for this and doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon YAY!
  • You "talk" more now but are still very observant, you seem to prefer to watch us all and then only "talk" when you are in your swing or crib
  • You smile loads but rarely laugh (are we not funny enough for ya?)
  • I do get a bit irritated lately with your distractions while nursing (mostly at night time)...you need to learn the release THEN look to the side instead of bringing mama's poor nipple with you!
  • You are starting to have stranger anxiety and will cry when others are in your face or holding you if you are not constantly reassured by mommy or daddy or sister!
  • Still loving bath time and have now discovered how tasty sucking on a washcloth is!
  • You are lots more aware of Bruno when he is around and are reaching out for him more and more when he is near (he better watch out!)
  • You are wearing a bunch of your 6 to 9 month clothes already :(
  • Still in size small of your perfect fit fuzzi bunz diapers but you are now on largest setting for those juicy thighs of yours heehee...when we get news ones think we may go with the one size they now offer!
  • Love you so much my dear

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  1. Sounds like Victor and Lainey have a lot in common! (ie the distractions while eating, the sleeping through the night [we're on day 3 of sleeping 10-7 or so!], the stranger danger phase, the observing of animals [with us it's the cat]...well, all of it pretty much! Except Victor does laugh sometimes) She's a cutie for sure!