Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting this Breastfeeding thing Down

Well I can officially say I have gotten Lainey off the nipple shield! I had taken it off here and there over past few weeks but never really tried to be adamant about it. This Sunday or Monday I just started offering her the boob minus shield and no problemo! I do have to say though that if I had to solely breastfeed all throughout day and night I can see where the pain would come in! Here is our schedule (at least for past week or two).....

5am- nurse then pump opposite side

8:30-pump both sides

12:00-pump both sides

2:30-pump both sides

4:30-home from work nurse

then I pretty much nurse every hour to two hours for 20 to 45 mins until around 10pm on average....she then sleeps straight to 5am with the occasional waking at 3 or 4.

On Saturday and Sundays I try to pump every 2 hours during the day which sneaks me in one extra session usually and we keep her on bottles during my work hours so that she is on constant same schedule. So far so good! Now if she could cut back a tiny bit once I get home from work that would be nice, but I know she is getting in her mommy time and that is why it is so frequent! Hoping the arrival of the sleepy wrap allows me to get a bit more done when I am home from work as will still give her that closeness to me.

Cannot believe she is gonna be 2 months in a couple days!


  1. Go, Steph, GO!!!! That is absolutely amazing. I'm really anxious about breastfeeding, but I do love reading how you have stuck with it! You are awesome, Mama and that little girl is toooooo precious :o) x

  2. Wow, congrats! We're still using it most of the time, he seems to do ok at the beginning of the feeding, but then he gets lazy/frustrated and can't really get the hindmilk. If push comes to shove though he can do it, it's more about me just being adamant about not using it like you were.

    And I'm so impressed you have her on a schedule, we're still waaaay random, haha.

    Ahh breastfeeding, it's an experience, isn't it?

  3. thanks ladies! I am a bit surprised I have stuck with it to be honest! It is def very consuming....I have it in my head though that I WILL give her mommy milk until she is a year though so we shall see! I just take it day by day. I think the fact she gets bottles so much helped with her taking any nipple she could get (including mine minus the shield! haha). Also I make sure to just kind of grab end of breast behind nipple a little bit onto areola area and that helps her latch on each time