Monday, March 15, 2010

To do's on my Mind

call docs to make our follow up appointments (DONE)
call vets to get Bruno's ears checked and his booster shot (DONE)
log into college stuff online find out when to buy books
open breastpump and start washing supplies
finish painting picture frames
organize linen closet
organize kitchen cupboard for bottles


  1. Are you nuts???

    To Do's you should be actually doing:

    hang out with baby
    hang out with baby some more
    sleep more

    Linen closet! Bah!

  2. LMAO Ash! The reason for linen closet is because it is in the nursery (weird set up I know but that is where they have it) and in the last few days we have tried locating things in there and everything just starts falling out haha...Mainly if I take a bunch of the beach towels out and store somewhere else it will pretty much be organized haha ;) but oh yes I have been taking lots of 2 and 3 hour naps when she does don't you worry :)