Tuesday, March 2, 2010

8 Days (or less HOPEFULLY!)

Ughh so here I sit (very uncomfortably, shifting every second it feels like)at work just praying my water breaks! Went into labor and delivery on Saturday and sure enough was having contractions every minute...but only dilated to 1cm (umm yeah figured as much since I never got past 3cm with Muffin and that was after pitocin!). So got sent home with instructions to come back if contractions got really painful or if water breaks....sigh....

I did not really have to deal with this contraction business the first time around since my water broke and that was that! This time of course has been LOADS more uncomfy for me....

I just keep praying my water breaks this week. My worst fear is I will not only end up for sure having to have the amnio on Monday but also that Lainey's lungs won't be ready for them to deliver her on the 10th as planned! If that is the case I will have one whole wasted week of maternity leave which would leave me maybe only 5 weeks home with her before having to return to work! CRAP I tell ya!

So yes please everyone out there send me some lungs are ready and water breaking vibes so we can get Miss Lainey here!

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