Monday, March 8, 2010

She's Having a Baby!

Well thank goodness no amnio for me today!!! Went in soooo nervous sweating buckets and almost passed out when they were just doing ultrasound LOL...turned out my tummy/uterus is filled to the brim with baby and placenta haha! So it would have been a bit risky to do amnio since they would have had to go through the placenta (ughhh).

But doc is confident Lainey will be just fine coming out on the 10th so we are ON! I have to be to the hospital at 10 am on 3/10/10 to hopefully deliver this little girl by a little after 12 at the latest (hoping and praying they aren't running behind since I cannot eat nor drink that day!).

So stinking excited to meet this little girl that has made me soooo miserable past 37 weeks LMAO!


  1. Good Luck on your new little one. My birthday is on the 10th LOL !!!

  2. We can not wait to meet your new little girl. We will be thinking of you all!