Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birth Story of Lainey Raine

Today was the big day! I was so excited and nervous too! Nervous because since we didn't have the amnio done there was still a chance for her lungs to not be ready! I put bad thoughts out of my mind though and was surprisingly calm! We sat and watched some tv and of course all of a sudden we hear on Good Morning America "Coming up next the risks of c-sections"....uhhhh yeah needless to say we changed the channel ASAP and laughed it off!

We got to the birthing center all ready and started getting all the wrist bands and getting officially checked in (took a bit longer than I thought and yes we had pre-registered!). I couldn't help but stare at what looked to be a maybe (MAYBE) 15 year old hispanic girl in labor who was with her mother and most likely a sibling who was a toddler....I honestly think the girl could have been as young as 12...she looked so young and I felt so sad for her....

Finally we got checked in and given our room (a MUCH tinier room then the ones we saw on our tour....come to find out c-section people get tiny rooms which makes no sense to I am going to have less visitors or something?! Also helloooo c-section people are there longer so this just wasn't fair! But whatever I didn't care I was having my little girl!).

They got me hooked up to the monitor to make sure Lainey and myself were a-ok for surgery...a woman came in and did my IV which went much better than I anticipated and another lady came in to do pre-bloodwork. Paperwork was gone over with us and we signed several releases. I was still calm as could be even when the lady from the lab came in and had to do another tube of blood since she had forgotten to label the last one!

We were admitted a little after 10 am and section was not scheduled until noon. BUT turned out they wanted to bump the schedule up so they started really prepping me to get me in earlier! :) A couple bags of iv fluids were given and various meds. I had to drink some nasty alka seltzer type stuff that tasted like the worst salt water ever!

Still very calm! They said they were ready for me and had me walk down to the OR where they would do my spinal block. Daddy was all in scrubs suit and would be waiting right outside the door until they led him in.

I went in super calm which was shocking...all in the OR were great and funny etc...almost felt like I was on the set of Scrubs or something haha! I had a great supportive nurse who was in front of me holding me and rubbing back etc...all were chatting and joking and going on and on about my tattoos...well lady did the numbing bit and then kept going in with the actual spinal needle but could not get it in right spot! OMFG! I started moaning and was trying so hard to stay humorous about it all etc...I said "yuck" at one point cause it was best description as just kept feeling needle rubbing against bone.they laughed nervously and said they had never heard someone say "yuck" before in response to a spinal...well then it felt worse and ughhhhh a couple times even felt one leg go weird and I told them "I don't think this is right!"

Well finally after what seemed forever and the whole room had gone eerily quiet another guy took again the numbing was done and whole thing repeated but thankfully quicker and not as many attempts this time....

After that it went pretty quickly...Daddy was led in and I was so thankful to have him by my side and holding onto me. He looked concerned and said he had heard me moaning. I briefly told him they had a really hard time with the block. We sat in silence for most part and the good vibe came back to the room as they worked on me. They let us know they were removing scar tissue from previous csection.

Then all of a sudden Daddy was being asked how to spell his name from a nurse behind us...then docs on other side of the curtain let us know they were breaking my water..within seconds they said "ok Dad get camera ready to start taking pics!" he scrambled and they lowered the curtain and propped me up a bit so I could see them pull our daughter from out of me! It was amazing...I mean AMAZING...and luckily my husband captured it on camera..

And here were our first family pics missing the Muffin of course!

We feel so blessed and are just in awe of our raven haired beauty!!

Lainey Raine
Born at 12:29 pm on 3/10/10
Weighing 7 lbs 10 oz
Length 19.5"


  1. Congratulations! :)

  2. Congratulations Steph! So happy to see that everything went well, she's beautiful, love the hair, looks like my little guy's :)

  3. What a beautiful girl! Congrats Mama!