Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday already?

Ok before Lainey I could not wait until with her here they are coming WAY too quickly :( Each Friday means the end of another week home with my family and another week closer to returning to work full really stinks to say the least!

I start school on April 5th and will go 3 nights a week; Mondays-Wednesdays. I am thankful as it will help ease me into the new routine instead of starting back to work and school at the same time!

I just pray that this next schooling journey will actually bring me into a career where I can grow and make better money to support my family, I don't need to be rich but of course who doesn't want to be better off?

I seriously wish I could function on 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night as there are days where life seems too short to get all I want to get done accomplished! I know many of the things I want to do aren't important in the grand scheme of things and I need to remind myself of that fact often!

We are hoping to go see some butterflies tomorrow to surprise Muffin...she has been so awesome at becoming a big sister and I just want to treat her to something special. I just don't think a toy would express enough so I think a little family trip would be much better and more special :)


  1. I remember my early 20s being able to go out till the wee hours, sleep for maybe 3 hours, then do an 8 hour shift in retail. Why do we waste all our youthful energy? lol...

    I hope time slows down for you. I can't believe you are taking on school, you are an AMAZING woman and a wonderful example for your daughters :o)

    The Butterfly Day Out sounds beautiful! x

  2. Tell me about it. I cried because on Monday Lauren will be 3 weeks old which means my leave is halfway over.

  3. Ashley no crap! When I was 18-19 I worked full time 3rd shift at Target then worked at the Gap and Hastings during the days part time each! LOL

    Jenn-ughh it stinks it truly does!

  4. I keep forgetting that in the US you only get 6 weeks off! That is insane!
    Keep your perspective, get some rest, enjoy your girls. xo

  5. When do you return to work?

    Congrats on ging back to school!