Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We have a Birthday set for Gummibear!

As of right now I am set to go in on March 8th for an amnio (eek) and if her lungs are good to go she will be delivered on March 10th :) I am very excited about her having a 3/10/10 birthday.

Of course if my body decides to do its own thing and me have her before that then all the better!!! I am soo damn uncomfortable these days I long to sleep comfortably even if it is only for 2 hours at a time!

I am on tylenol with codeine for pain in my upper right rib area that is supposedly plurucy due to untreated pneumonia/upper respiratory issues they finally gave me antibiotics for....Part of me is thinking she may have her hand all stuck up in my ribs though as dang that is what it feels like at times! It really HURTS to the touch from the outside and from the inside as well.

I go in to see my OB next Tuesday for the lovely end of pregnancy cervical check (UGH not looking forward to that since they aren't comfy anyway let along this far along in pregnancy!).

Have I mentioned how tired I am?


  1. Thank you for all the sweet blog posts, glad I could inspire you to get movtivated !!! Looking foward to getting to know you ;o)