Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick Days

Well here I am at home again slacking off from work. Luckily I only have 2 more phonecalls to officially make for the month and will be good to go if Lainey decides to arrive!

Went home early yesterday due to bad pain in upper right rib area. I figured it was from all my coughing (that I have been complaining about for months to my OB by the way and have been told over and over to just take mucinex..yeah it didn't work!). So I call into the doc yesterday and ask if they will please do a phone consult and call me in some sort of antibiotic...done. So took that last night and have like 4 more days to take it...but the pain was not getting better throughout the day instead felt like it was getting worse...

Made the mistake of asking about it on my pregnancy board and find out that it could be a symptom of HELLP syndrome which is NOT good and you could basically die from it! UGHHHH....I wasn't too scared though since I didn't really have many other symptoms since my blood pressure and urine have been completely normal throughout so far...but decided I would go into my docs sick call at 7 this morning just to be certain.

I had a half bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and no sooner had Bear taken the plate from me I was up and in the bathroom heaving it back up :( UGHHHHHHHHHHH so sick of all the puking I have done throughout this pregnancy! It is really amazing I have managed to still gain over 20 pounds, sigh.

Well go to docs and baby sounded good and doc pressed and prodded on my very tender rib area while listening to me breathe. He tossed a new prescription at me for tylenol with codeine in it and said to take that along with the antibiotic and mucinex too if I wanted! Jeesh...Said I had pluracy in the had to come home and look it up and it is when an area gets inflamed from an untreated respiratory infection or pneumonia! Ummm yeah again something I had been moaning about for months as I knew it was prob one of those things since I get pneumonia or bronchitis every year!

Doc said of course if I see any blood or start not feeling the baby move as much to go straight to labor and delivery....guess I really better get those bags packed!

At least we have almost all sorted now off my lists besides the bags being packed, further nursery decorating, and buying of the breast pump (which I found out my insurance does NOT cover so another expense for us oy vey!).

And yup Gen if you are reading this far I do only get 6 weeks off and the only time of it that will be 100% covered is any time I have managed to save up (so with all these sick days I will be lucky to have 1 week of full pay and then the remaining time will be I think 60% to 70% of my pay) SUCKS.

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