Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maternity Leave Day Dreamin'

So scrapbooking related posts over on my expecting mommy message board has made me think of my "To Do" list I have been creating in my mind for when I am on maternity leave....I am hoping I am not getting too ambitious here but so far my list includes:

1.Get Gabby's school scrapbook updated (I have the awesome Becky Higgins school set so shouldn't be THAT difficult to get her caught up as she is only in 2nd grade haha)
2.Prep family 2010 scrapbook (getting the Project Life Becky Higgins kit so once again I can cheat so we have an easy scrapbook completed for our family by end of 2010)
3.Plan Gabby's 8th birthday party (I am doing a Magic 8 Ball theme) and get all decor sorted/made so we are set for it in May
4.get me and Bear's wedding pics printed out and/or made into an online scrapbook so we actually have tangible albums before we hit our 2 year anniversary in November
5.Work on a crochet project (since one of my resolutions was to learn how and I have yet to start)
6.Try and get some rest and get good breastfeeding/pumping schedule down before returning to work!

Have I mentioned how much I am ready for this little Miss Lainey to arrive? I know I am only going on 34 weeks but jeesh the days seem to keep going by sloweeerrrrrr and sllloowwweerrrr....

So what do you all think? Think I can manage this list? I am thinking all should be pretty simple except maybe the wedding photo project as that just overwhelms me for some reason. It is weird because we had a book made up for Bear's mum I did online, so I could always just order a copy of that for us to have for now; but I wanted something even a bit more special....if anyone has any good quick and easy wedding scrapbook solutions shoot 'em my way PLEASE!

Oh and I need to put in a post about my wonderful babyshower my little sister gave me this past weekend! It will be a photo heavy one as she did amazing on the decor :)


  1. I am SOOOOOOO curious as to what a Magic 8 Ball party is going to include! That sounds very cool!!!

    I don't think you're being too ambitious, but then I've never scrapbooked. I have no idea how much that actually involves (although I'm attempting to do one for Bumble, since I don't like most of the baby books in store).

    Am curious tho, why are you going crochet rather than knitting? That kit i showed you they also do for crochet, so it should be also very basic easy to learn instructions and patterns!!! :o)

  2. I chose to go crochet over knitting more because people have said it is a lot easier and more versatile, especially for the amagurumi that I really want to learn how to make!

  3. No lie, there are TONS of cute crochet patterns. I keep saying one day i'm going to learn crochet, one day.....

    plus i think baby crochet hats are too cute!

  4. I think you can do it! Maybe not in the first couple of months, but definitely while you're on Mat Leave (are you off an entire year?) I also have grand plans for my 'time off' from work, we'll see how it goes! Good luck, we're almost there!