Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Really? I mean Come ON!!!

So not only did I almost pass out today at my 36 week appointment while doc was up in my lady business (humiliating much?) but now I also need to go for an ultrasound on Friday to check out my gallbladder....Seems my constant pain I have had for over a month now could be gallbladder related....oy vey!!! I mean we just got Bear's gallbladder removed in January!!!

Nothing is gonna shock me anymore during this pregnancy haha...at this point I would not even be surprised if they pulled a surprise twin out of me at my c-section LOL!


  1. The twin thing...I totally had the same thought when I read this status on facebook!

    Feel better!

  2. Bless you Steph!!! You have had such a time, but it's countdown and you're almost there! Maybe ur hubby's gallbladder is lonesome and wants to go on a date with your gallbladder? x

  3. LOL Ashley he actually said "but honey then our gall stones could sit in their little jars next to each other on a shelf!" hahaha

  4. Only a few more days to go and all the bad pregnancy problems will go away! You're almost there!