Sunday, October 7, 2007

Long time no Post

I really suck at staying with something...I am good at starting things but my follow through is lacking, to say the least. So it is amazing I am actually even doing this post! But I do love blogs and I always think in my head about things I want to post but then just never get to it!

So here I am getting to it! The summer is now officially over but not according to Michigan weather!


I have so many scrap projects I want to start and do but dang it there are just not enough hours in the day for this sleepy girl! I seriously think I am part cat and require 12 hours of sleep a night! Of course I am working my first full time since about 6 years ago so that is hitting me hard too. Cannot believe I have already been at my job a month this coming Friday! Pretty dang cool time is going fast as that means closer to Gareth arriving! 82 days right now until he arrives!!! Seems way too far away still but I know it will come quick especially with the holidays fast approaching!

Also this girl is back! One of my bestest friends Jen! What is cool about Jen is the fact we met while I was living in England and turns out she is from 20 minutes away from where I am from! Her hubby is off to Korea for a year so she has decided to move back here for a year! I am ecstatic to have her around and so is Gabby! She also has some plans to dye my hair some fun color combos so I am thrilled about that! Oh and the fact she is my scrapping buddy too!!! Hooray for great girlfriends!
Well off to hang out with more old friends today. My good friend Andrew aka Andy aka Drew, I have known him since 9th grade and am now friends with his wife Shannon too! They live about an hour away and they are coming into town today with their little boy to visit with me and Gabster :) Fun times! I swear we need to have 4 day weekends and 3 day workweeks cause weekends are just not lonnngggg enough! Peace out!

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