Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moving on upppp!

Yup yup after mooching off my little sister for the past 2 months Gabby and I are finally moving into our own place! We are going to be on 3rd floor which is top floor and I am totally ok with that as we have a deck/balcony thing and hey no worries about stomping feets above us!

So far though no furniture and stuff from UK soooo we may be sitting in a pretty bare apartment for awhile haha.....our stuff is estimated to arrive on the 3rd so here's hoping!

We will have my laptop, a small tv, a couch from Grams, and a few other things so should not be too bad just no beds for now....but again not a big deal we are used to camping it haha!

Just sooooo ready to have our own place and heck the indoor pool bit does not hurt either!

Now once we get settled there I am still holding out hope for a full time job to happen........ughhhh

Gareth will arrive in 154 days and my oh my I cannot wait!!!!

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  1. just stopping by with a quick hello!

    so no furniture?? bummer. but like you said, it's like camping ;)